What we think

We think that the present age is a time of economic globalization and a global change of industrial structure. New competition is arising and intensifying in various fields. On the other hand, there is an energy problem with global warming as a terrestrial subject common to us. We have a belief which overcomes impending competition and survives. With it being simultaneous, we always turn our eyes to the world or the earth, and think that we will progress while seeing things from the viewpoint in which we gaze at the future.

How we think

This patent office has had about 58 years of history since establishment. In the meantime, many applications have been made about the patent, the utility model, the design, and the trademark through our Office. Moreover, about the technical field, it has managed broadly with electricity, mechatronics, a machine, construction, a business model, etc. Moreover, we have dealt with many arguments and a referee incident also about the trademark. Although our office is small-scale at a small number of people now, a useful patent is right-ized steadily and your trust has been obtained. We trust that we are of your help in right-izing these Industrial property rights, and maintaining and managing them.

・ADDRESS Senju building 7F 4-30-1, Saikumachi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken Japan
・Telephone  number 081-096-324-6024
・FAX 081-096-324-6032
・E-mail info@anami-pat.jp

・Establishment in 1950

・Attorney Profile
  [KENSAKU ANAMI] ・the President of Anami International Patent Office
・Registered Patent Attorney, the Japan Patent Office
・Education: Kumamoto Institute of Technology, Electronics Engineering

  [AKIRA TAKAMIYA] ・Registered Patent Attorney, the Japan Patent Office
・Education: Kumamoto University, Physics of Science Department

・Service Applications of a patent, a utility model, a design, and a trademark, those foreign applications (PARIS ROUTE, PCT application, EPC application, Madrid Protocol application), a referee, a lawsuit, infringement correspondence, judgment, Searching, consultation, copyright, a contract, consultation

・Technical field A patent and a utility model ・・・ Mechatronics, measurement apparatus, semiconductor manufacture, a food manufacture machine, effluent treatment, an agricultural machine, a test prototype machine, engineering works, construction, software, a business-model patent
A trademark and a design

・Holiday the 1st Saturday and the National Holidy

The motto of an office
・Sincere handling works
・Strive for improvement in the added value of the contents
・Progress with a customer.

Our stance
・Thorough analysis of invention
・Quickly effecting
・To heighten the added value

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